Tracks from or featuring New York-based hip-hop artists and producers. This particular set features rapping from (but not limited to) Action Bronson, Camp Lo, Smoke DZA, Joey Bada$$, and Pete Rock; and production from (but, again, not limited to) Pete Rock and Harry Fraud.


1.) “Sky High (Trackstar Blend)” [Pete Rock & Camp Lo]
2.) “Ode to Pete Rock (prod. Pete Rock)” [Aziz]
3.) “Money Team (feat. Ab-Soul, Smoke Dza, Dash)” [Larry Fisherman]
4.) “Marvelous (feat. Action Bronson) (prod. Harry Fraud) [Eddie B]
5.) “Hold Me Down (feat. Action Bronson) (prod. Bij Lincs)” [Ground Up]
6.) “Funky Ho (prod. Lord Finesse)” [Joey Bada$$]
7.) “Diamond (feat. Ab-Soul) (prod. Kenny Beats)” [Smoke Dza]
8.) “On Ice (Back on the Block freestyle)” [Pete Rock & Camp Lo]
9.) “FromdaTomb (feat. Chuck Strangers) (prod. Chuck Strangers)” [Joey Bada$$]

A compilation of the instrumentals that I’ve posted to SoundCloud.


1.) “Pete’s Jazz” (Pete Rock)
2.) “Let’s Get It On” (Lord Finesse)
3.) “F-Y” (Sabzi)
4.) “Check The Method” (Lord Finesse)
5.) “Play Dis Only At Night” (Pete Rock)
6.) “Palm Trees” (Harry Fraud)

The Takeover

My goal with The Know Blog isn’t to bring you a constant supply of new music. My goal is to educate, and bring quality hip-hop (old and new) to the forefront. When the blog relaunches, some time in November, I hope to bring followers an unparalleled experience. Stay turned for the takeover.


Cop the tracks from my previous posts while you can! Big plans for the blog, look back towards the end of October.

From Eminem’s debut album “Infinite,” which was released March 12, 1996. With little money and promotion, the young rapper released this album out of the trunk of his car. The album was a flop though. Em sold just around 1,000 copies and, at the same time, worked to generate accusations that he was biting off of Nas and AZ. Furthermore, the failure of the album had a significant impact on both Em’s career and his personal life; he contemplated suicide because of it.
While today, the few people who have listened to it give it more respect than it initially received, Em’s debut is hardly ever held in the same esteem as his first two commercial albums. This to me is upsetting. From a lyrical standpoint, I truly believe that Infinite is just as good as (if not better than) any of his commercial work. True hip hop fans who appreciate raw lyricism need to check it out. “Infinite” is an excellent and criminally underrated debut that gives the listener a different perspective on Marshall Mathers.

If you’re interested in streaming and/or downloading this album in its entirety, head over to DatPiff (link below).…xtape.197926.html

From Big KRIT’s mixtape, “King Remembered In Time,” which was released April 10, 2013. If you’re interested in streaming and/or downloading the mixtape in its entirety, head over to DatPiff (link below).

From his entirely Alchemist-produced mixtape, “Covert Coup,” which was released April 20, 2011. If you’re interested in streaming and/or downloading “Covert Coup” in its entirety, head over to DatPiff (link below).

From his mixtape, “1999,” which was released June 12, 2012. If you’re interested in downloading “1999” in its entirety, then head over to DatPiff (link below).

Off Big KRIT’s entirely self-produced mixtape “King Remembered In Time,” released April 10, 2013. Head over to DatPiff and cop, a lot of quality production on this work. I’d recommend also giving “Bigger Picture,” “REM,” “Multi Til The Sun Die,” and “Serve This Royalty.”